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How to Find Your Next Great Work-from-Home Opportunity During COVID-19

If you’ve lost your work-from-home job due to the coronavirus outbreak, there’s no need to begin the search for an in-office position if you’d like to continue working remotely. Below, we’ve provided some tips on finding and landing new remote work opportunities — and building a successful work-from-home career that will outlast the COVID-19 pandemic.

Explore the Different Types of Remote Work 

As you begin your search for new work-from-home jobs, you’ll first need to think about the specific type of remote work opportunity you’re looking for.

Several types of remote work opportunities include:
Side gigs like pet sitting, online tutoring, website testing, and dropshipping.Freelancing your expertise as a sole trader or limited liability company (LLC).Full-time remote work for companies that hire work-from-home employees. How to Find and Land Work-from-Home Opportunities 

Finding and landing a remote work opportunity may seem impossible in a time like COVID-19, but it’ll be easier than yo…