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Completed projects for December 2009

Translations can be a funny thing!

How robotic and unprofessional translations can really get you in trouble!

The written word is a funny thing. It's a symbol of the sound you make with your voice. Different countries obviously have different sounds for the same object and actions - and that's tough enough, but you can really get into trouble if you only translate robotically (such as with translation machines) or without a proper (and especially professional) understanding of the language you are translating into.

If you are looking to approach foreign markets and need to communicate in a foreign language, then you would do well to take into account the hundreds of hours that you have spend on your marketing campaigns, or the literature describing your product or service. To have this wasted with a poor translation can be an expensive mistake.

Here are some mistranslations which are funny to read, but in a professional context you would not want to be on the other end of your enraged (or perhaps if you are lucky…

Print Manager Plus - Academic Presentation


Print Manager Plus - Academic Presentation

This is a recorded presentation of Software Shelf's Print Manager Plus Academic Edition. The video was recorded through a GoTo Meeting session. The presentation fully shows the ability and print management features of Print Manager Plus. The product is a Print Monitor software package for Windows Server and Workstation. The print audit capabilities of the product with its powerful quota and restriction policies allows schools, universities, and non-profit organizations to save money on their printing expenses.

View full length video here:…

Blog posts for October 2009

Completed projects: Michael Todd Hairdressing

Twitter accounts for August 2009

Sales person required for UK-based online PR and marketing company

. is an expanding UK-based online PR and marketing company.

We are looking for an English-speaking confident internet-aware person to find small - medium sized businesses and sell to them our online PR and marketing services.

Work from home (which, in theory, could be anywhere in the world) but with as much support as you need. Build and maintain your own client base. Commission only.

To apply, please send your CV and why you think you fit the bill to:

This job ad also appears in The RazzLine and on Twitter.

Completed projects: Grays of Westminster

Completed projects: Nikon Owner Magazine

Media Switchboards Top 10

image source:

I've called a few newspaper, radio and TV switchboards over the years, and I thought it was about time I shared my experiences, praised the best and criticized (constructively of course) the worst, by compiling this table.

Plus points warded for:human, friendly, helpful, efficient

Minus points awarded for: human unfriendly, human unhelpful, human smarmy, human bored, automated (push button 1, 2 3 etc), automated stupid, use of paid-for non-geographic numbers (0845, 0870 etc), inefficient, excessive ring or on hold times
1. Guardian - score: 20Human: Friendly, helpful with old-fashioned values, refusing to modernize to the detriment of personal service with, unbelievably, "Thank you for calling The Guardian and Observer" and, when putting you through, "Connecting you now." (Is it 1968?). They also answer immediately, within the first few rings.
2. BBC - score: 15
Human: Very helpful and not at all snotty, and backed up with th…

Completed projects: Claire Morgan Photography

Completed projects: Shield Service Group

Heather Angel Wildlife & Natural History Photography Workshop, Day 2

Click here for a larger image size slide show

Some shots of Day 2 of the Heather Angel wildlife photography workshop at Saint Hill Manor, sponsored by Grays of Westminster. Hope you like the slide show.

The workshop, featuring Nikon and ThinkTank, was completely sold out so if you wanted to attend but couldn't, better luck next year.

[The slide show was previously done in but, although very easy to use, it was too low res (maybe I just never saw the HD button) so I changed it to a slide show.]

Heather Angel wildlife photography workshop

Some photos from yesterday's workshop

The weather turned out fine for yesterday's workshop at Saint Hill Manor, hosted by Grays of Westminster.

It looks like it's going to be a nice day for today's workshop too. I've been invited to pop in for tea later this morning so I'll see if I can bring back a few shots and will post here any that are worthy.

Latest press releases etc

Just been writing, distributing and tweeting this press release for "On The Mike with Mike Sherman":Beyoncé Live in Concert On The Mike with Mike Sherman

I'm also looking forward to paying a visit to this weekend's Heather Angel wildlife photography workshop which is completely sold out for both Saturday and Sunday. It is hosted by the Nikon-only dealer, Grays of Westminster.

I hope to submit, very soon, the official name-change press release for Onedrywash and, as ever, there's some exciting news just around the corner for

Watch this space!

(Better still, watch this space and follow us on Twitter too @WorldWidePR

Completed projects: Created Space Ltd

Never a dull moment

Been really busy sending press releases left, right and centre recently! What with Sunrise Senior Living to Launch Largest Ever Dementia Awareness Week Campaign, Mike Sherman Pays Tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, & LCF LTD 100 Collection Launches 1pm 3 July 2009, and before that On the Mike with Mike Sherman Features the 2009 Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant, there's certainly never a dull moment round here.

"And what's in the pipeline?" I hear you ask. Well, companies planning to send a press release in the near future are:, Grays of Westminster and Onedrywash (finally making their name change from Miracle Drywash to Onedrywash official. I'm sure it won't be long, too, for and Mike Sherman to have something else, major, to announce. & LCF LTD 100 Collection Launches 1pm 3 July 2009

LTD 100 - Winning designers announced

Just releasing this over at

Had to wait to release it because it was embargoed until now.

Completed projects: Advance Centre for the Scotson Technique on Everyclick

Completed projects: Evermore Art Ltd

Blog posts for April 2009

Completed projects: Advance Centre for the Scotson Technique

Completed projects: Family Chiropractic Clinic of Sussex