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Translations can be a funny thing!

. How robotic and unprofessional translations can really get you in trouble! The written word is a funny thing. It's a symbol of the sound you make with your voice. Different countries obviously have different sounds for the same object and actions - and that's tough enough, but you can really get into trouble if you only translate robotically (such as with translation machines) or without a proper (and especially professional) understanding of the language you are translating into. If you are looking to approach foreign markets and need to communicate in a foreign language, then you would do well to take into account the hundreds of hours that you have spend on your marketing campaigns, or the literature describing your product or service. To have this wasted with a poor translation can be an expensive mistake. Here are some mistranslations which are funny to read, but in a professional context you would not want to be on the other end of your enraged (or perhaps if you a

Print Manager Plus - Academic Presentation

. Print Manager Plus - Academic Presentation This is a recorded presentation of Software Shelf's Print Manager Plus Academic Edition. The video was recorded through a GoTo Meeting session. The presentation fully shows the ability and print management features of Print Manager Plus. The product is a Print Monitor software package for Windows Server and Workstation. The print audit capabilities of the product with its powerful quota and restriction policies allows schools, universities, and non-profit organizations to save money on their printing expenses. View full length video here: