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The Importance of Business Blogging


Business Blogging: More important than ever
by Peter Hollier of SeoWizardry

If your business has not been actively Blogging, the recent and upcoming changes at Google indicate this is now the time to seriously consider implementing a Blog for your business.

The Search Algorithm

In the past, the two primary principles of Google’s Search Algorithm have been Web Site Authority, which is primarily based on the number of inbound links to a web site, and the number of years the web site’s Domain has been registered.

The other part of the Google equation has traditionally been the Relevancy of the content to a Searcher’s request, which is determined by matching and integrating key words which Searchers are likely to use in their search query.

Although these principles are firmly embedded in Google’s algorithm and are unlikely to change in the near future, the Algorithm is constantly evolving, and with this evolution should come change in how web site owners mange their web site performance and co…

Grays of Westminster: an SEO success story

Grays of Westminster's blog - - which was created in Sept 09, is performing exceedingly well for these particular keyword strings:

"nikon special offer" and "nikon special offers"

Try them out for yourself - you'll see that both terms usually appear within the top 10 results out of a total of between 1/2 million to 1 million.

No other Grays-owned site appears within the results for these search terms, so without their blog, they would not have been represented in the results at all!

Blogging and tweeting

As a result of managing Grays' blog and Grays' Twitter account, @NikonatGrays, there has been a marked improvement on the company's overall Alexa rankings and backlinks:
Grays' website: Alexa has jumped from 751,891 to its current figure of 556,449, whilst its Sites Linking In figure went from 70 to 111.Grays' blog: Its Alexa figure was over 5 million at the start but is now 492,202.Nikon Owner Magazine:…

Completed projects for January 2010