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Social Media in Business 2010

. Some things are meant to be, and my attending smib10 - Social Media in Business 2010 - yesterday was one of them. It was so spot on! I've been working in social media for years now but am so busy looking after clients, I've never found time to meet people in my own industry or find out about the issues we all face. Lo and behold, pretty much everything I've ever agonised over, came up yesterday, either in one of the excellent talks, or when chatting to other attendees in a break. I must say the whole day was excellent in every way and I have to hand it to the smib team. Great venue (ebay's offices, Richmond, right by the river - so idyllic, and what fantastic weather we had!); wonderful array of speakers who, collectively, covered so much ground; relaxed informal friendly atmosphere; lovely food; a wide range of attendees from most disciplines; and great MCing by Jamie Riddell . Thank you so much to Chris Hambly for the invite and to the whole smib team for a r