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You Taking Advantage of The New Social Media Marketing?

. image: The rules of promoting your business have changed – Facebook Marketing and Twitter Marketing are here to stay. With the advent of Social Media everything has changed. An online community of Twitter or Facebook users can make or break your business with their iPhones. Your company or service may be getting hundreds or thousands of good or bad reviews on the new mobile sites like Gowalla or Foursquare, either building up your reputation or tearing it down without you even knowing it. Social Networking sites are growing exponentially. A Social Media Manager can help you build a positive presence and increase your customer base. Facebook markting – in 2009, the population of Facebook surpassed that of the U.S.A. If Facebook were a nation, they would have 100 million more people than the U.S’s 300 million. The impact of this on marketing through Social Media is staggering. Big corporations are quickly catching on to the power of Social Media Marketing, which inc

Social media

Source: Digital marketing is reaching a tipping point - some 17 per cent of companies surveyed by the Chartered Institute of Marketing say that online advertising spend has now overtaken offline spend. Computer company Dell claims it made US $3.5 million in less than six months from Twitter using a viral system. Discount offers are posted daily for its followers, who then frequently re-tweet the offers, so attracting new followers. A recent survey from Performics and ROI Research found that '44 per cent of Twitter users are happy to be alerted about promotions and special offers by the site'. Forty-eight per cent had responded to an advert they'd seen, and, perhaps most startlingly of all, some 44 per cent of those surveyed had themselves become an endorser by recommending products they'd seen to other users. .

Marketing Buzz: The Twitter Kool-Aid Is Much More Than Just Sugar Water

. Two-way exchanges are by no means the greatest source of information on Twitter. The biggest source is the entire Twittersphere, which is a real-time reflection of the activities, interests, actions, thoughts, sentiments and sometimes flight schedules of between 15 million and 70 million human souls. In other words: data. In other words. Let me try to frame the significance for you. Decision-makers actually rely on focus groups, which consist of eight to 12 random nimrods blathering on subjects about which they may not even have interest, much less knowledge, much less insight. That is not data; that is noise. A billion tweets a month, by contrast is a data mine. A data goldmine. Furthermore, each "data point" is a live human being. You can tweet back. not all information is merely gossip-licious. Twitter has been a crucial lifeline amid chaos in Moldova, Iran and, most recently, Haiti. An episode involving Ann Curry of NBC News at the Port au Prince airport comes to li

Social Media in Business 2010

. Some things are meant to be, and my attending smib10 - Social Media in Business 2010 - yesterday was one of them. It was so spot on! I've been working in social media for years now but am so busy looking after clients, I've never found time to meet people in my own industry or find out about the issues we all face. Lo and behold, pretty much everything I've ever agonised over, came up yesterday, either in one of the excellent talks, or when chatting to other attendees in a break. I must say the whole day was excellent in every way and I have to hand it to the smib team. Great venue (ebay's offices, Richmond, right by the river - so idyllic, and what fantastic weather we had!); wonderful array of speakers who, collectively, covered so much ground; relaxed informal friendly atmosphere; lovely food; a wide range of attendees from most disciplines; and great MCing by Jamie Riddell . Thank you so much to Chris Hambly for the invite and to the whole smib team for a r

Doing All The Small Things Right

Marc Lyne, co-founder of Extracted from 4 Feb 2010 article in by Marc Lyne Many small businesses ask me, ‘how can I get found more online?’ Or, ‘I have a web site but I rank so low that I never get found so I get little traffic’. So you may expect me to answer: ”just list your business on (the global wiki style directory site that I founded with @daveingram ) and you will be fine,” but that’s NOT where I start. I start like a teacher in a classroom, ‘have you read the Google webmaster guidelines ?’ Even as a person fearful of technology, the basics are listed, they clearly explain many areas that are blown out of proportion by some developers and SEO experts. Sitting down with your webmaster and going through them one by one would be time very well spent, it prevents you from making elementary mistakes and highlights areas that you will need to make a decision on, or test out to see which works best. And there is more; do you su

Teen girl interviews pop sensation Justin Bieber at the Pepsi Super Bowl fan jam

. Mike Sherman's 13 year old niece, Alexa Bronder Teper, interviews Justin Bieber just before his performance of "Baby" at the Pepsi Super Bowl fan jam in front of 40,000 people which was broadcast, live, on VH1. Alexa: Are you going to be on High School Icon? Justin: I don't know what that is. Alexa: It's the newest hottest teen talent show in the country Justin: OK. I don't know yet. On the Mike with Mike Sherman . Directed & Edited by Matt Bodi Brenowitz.

A peach of an opportunity

. Illustration by Ian Whadcock Small businesses are using networks to become bigger “HEY first peaches of the season are here. Come and get your peach pie @10am.” Simple tweets like that have helped Mission Pie, a small shop in San Francisco, drum up interest in its mouth-watering array of sweet and savoury pies. As well as twittering about its wares, the store also alerts customers to poetry readings and other events it organises. Krystin Rubin, a co-owner of Mission Pie, says the business had just 150 or so followers for a while after one of its bakers started sending out tweets almost a year ago. Then that number suddenly shot up to over 1,000. Over the past few months business has been very brisk and Ms Rubin reckons Twitter deserves part of the credit. “It has a sort of street credibility that’s not there with traditional media,” she says. Other companies have discovered the same thing. Kogi BBQ, which has several trucks serving Korean food in Los Angeles, now has over 52,00

The Importance of Business Blogging

. Business Blogging: More important than ever by Peter Hollier of SeoWizardry If your business has not been actively Blogging, the recent and upcoming changes at Google indicate this is now the time to seriously consider implementing a Blog for your business. The Search Algorithm In the past, the two primary principles of Google’s Search Algorithm have been Web Site Authority, which is primarily based on the number of inbound links to a web site, and the number of years the web site’s Domain has been registered. The other part of the Google equation has traditionally been the Relevancy of the content to a Searcher’s request, which is determined by matching and integrating key words which Searchers are likely to use in their search query. Although these principles are firmly embedded in Google’s algorithm and are unlikely to change in the near future, the Algorithm is constantly evolving, and with this evolution should come change in how web site owners mange their web site pe

Grays of Westminster: an SEO success story

. Grays of Westminster's blog - - which was created in Sept 09, is performing exceedingly well for these particular keyword strings: " nikon special offer " and " nikon special offers " Try them out for yourself - you'll see that both terms usually appear within the top 10 results out of a total of between 1/2 million to 1 million. No other Grays-owned site appears within the results for these search terms, so without their blog, they would not have been represented in the results at all! Blogging and tweeting As a result of managing Grays' blog and Grays' Twitter account, @NikonatGrays , there has been a marked improvement on the company's overall Alexa rankings and backlinks: Grays' website : Alexa has jumped from 751,891 to its current figure of 556,449, whilst its Sites Linking In figure went from 70 to 111. Grays' blog : Its Alexa figure was over 5 million at the start but is now 492,20

Completed projects for January 2010

. Online Directories, submitted (5 only) Nikon Owner Magazine Penthouse Holidays Software Shelf, Inc Blogs, created Penthouse Holidays Blogs, managed Advance Centres UK Onedrywash Grays of Westminster Nikon Owner Magazine New! Safepoint Trust Software Shelf Inc. New! Press Releases, submitted Low-Run High-Quality Web-Based Printing Service Goes Live On the Mike with Mike Sherman: Christina Aguilera and Gloria Estefan are On the Mike with Mike Sherman Software Shelf: Print Manager Plus 2010 Cuts Office Printing Costs Up to 75% Twitter, created Nikon Owner Magazine - @NikonOwnerMag Penthouse Holidays - @PenthouseHols Twitter, managed Advance Centres UK - @advancecentres Onedrywash - @onedrywash Grays of Westminster - @NikonatGrays Nikon Owner Magazine - @NikonOwnerMag New! On the Mike with Mike Sherman - @onthemiketv Safepoint Trust - @SafePointTrust Software Shelf - @SoftwareShelf New! Special Projects Brownbook.