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Doing All The Small Things Right

Marc Lyne, co-founder of Extracted from 4 Feb 2010 article in by Marc Lyne Many small businesses ask me, ‘how can I get found more online?’ Or, ‘I have a web site but I rank so low that I never get found so I get little traffic’. So you may expect me to answer: ”just list your business on (the global wiki style directory site that I founded with @daveingram ) and you will be fine,” but that’s NOT where I start. I start like a teacher in a classroom, ‘have you read the Google webmaster guidelines ?’ Even as a person fearful of technology, the basics are listed, they clearly explain many areas that are blown out of proportion by some developers and SEO experts. Sitting down with your webmaster and going through them one by one would be time very well spent, it prevents you from making elementary mistakes and highlights areas that you will need to make a decision on, or test out to see which works best. And there is more; do you su

Teen girl interviews pop sensation Justin Bieber at the Pepsi Super Bowl fan jam

. Mike Sherman's 13 year old niece, Alexa Bronder Teper, interviews Justin Bieber just before his performance of "Baby" at the Pepsi Super Bowl fan jam in front of 40,000 people which was broadcast, live, on VH1. Alexa: Are you going to be on High School Icon? Justin: I don't know what that is. Alexa: It's the newest hottest teen talent show in the country Justin: OK. I don't know yet. On the Mike with Mike Sherman . Directed & Edited by Matt Bodi Brenowitz.

A peach of an opportunity

. Illustration by Ian Whadcock Small businesses are using networks to become bigger “HEY first peaches of the season are here. Come and get your peach pie @10am.” Simple tweets like that have helped Mission Pie, a small shop in San Francisco, drum up interest in its mouth-watering array of sweet and savoury pies. As well as twittering about its wares, the store also alerts customers to poetry readings and other events it organises. Krystin Rubin, a co-owner of Mission Pie, says the business had just 150 or so followers for a while after one of its bakers started sending out tweets almost a year ago. Then that number suddenly shot up to over 1,000. Over the past few months business has been very brisk and Ms Rubin reckons Twitter deserves part of the credit. “It has a sort of street credibility that’s not there with traditional media,” she says. Other companies have discovered the same thing. Kogi BBQ, which has several trucks serving Korean food in Los Angeles, now has over 52,00