Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Scandal in Paris over Prince Abdul-Aziz bin Fahd


Here is the translation of the video from Arabic to English:

"All the people are looking at Prince' s cars and his drivers. Prince Abdul-Aziz bin Fahd. 

All of them, the drivers and cars are on strike. "We want our salaries"[poster on car]. The Prince is inside in the hotel. Our work with prince Abdul-Aziz Bin Fahd, Bisar Al Reeh company, the Prince's secretary Abdul-Aziz Al Hamoud said "go to the French courts"! What a shame!!!! 

Prince Abdul-Aziz bin Fahd.[French speak]. They want scandals; they don't want to pay the workers. What a shame!! Driver's rights and salaries. What a shame!! The son of king Fahd, RIP, wants to take everybody's money... They will stop people arbitrarily. We have met  Prince Abdul-Aziz three times and he said: "Go the French courts". 

We are French and have nothing to do with Saudi Arabia, we shall resort to the courts."

Friday, 6 November 2015

Janan Harb, widow of King Fahd of Saudi Arabia wins £25 million in High Court payout

Janan Harb outside the court having just won the case

High Court victory: The judge ruled in favour of Janan Harb over Prince Abdul Aziz

The "secret wife" of the late King Fahd of Saudi Arabia has been awarded a multimillion pound claim in the High Court after a judge ruled a son of the king had agreed to a huge payout.

The court heard Palestinian-born Janan Harb, 68, had "a lavish, high-maintenance lifestyle" and received payments previously "to buy her silence in respect of her relationship with the late king".

Although her behaviour was described as "unattractive", the judge ruled her claims about the agreement was credible and that she was entitled to more than £15 million and the value of two London apartments worth more than £5 million each.

The ruling was against Prince Abdul Aziz - son of another wife of the king - who denied an agreement was in place with Ms Harb when he the pair met the Dorchester Hotel on June 20 2003, while the king was seriously ill.

Ms Harb told the court she had secretly married the king in 1968 when she was 19. At the time, he was a prince and Saudi Arabia's minister of the interior.

In a seven-day hearing heard in July, Ms Harb said the king's relatives were opposed to their relationship because she was from a Christian family.

While giving evidence, Ms Harb said the king promised to provide for her financially for the rest of her life after they separated,

At the Dorchester in 2003, the prince agreed to pay her £12 million and hand back ownership of two flats in Cheyne Walk, Chelsea to keep his father's promise.

The prince made written statements to the court denying her claim but Mr Justice Peter Smith ruled there had been an agreement.

The judge ordered Prince Abdul Aziz to attend court in person to give evidence, but was told the current Saudi monarch King Salman and the royal family feared his appearance would result in "a media circus".

His absence led to an order to pay £25,000 to charity for contempt of court.

Giving judgment, the judge said the fact that the prince chose not to give evidence "severely handicapped - fatally so in my view" the attempt by his QC, Ian Mill, to put forward his case.

Speaking after the ruling, Ms Harb said: "This has been 12 years of misery for me. I am very happy with British justice.

"Thank God we have British justice. The prince wanted me to go to Saudi Arabia where he would have had power over all this.

"I am very relieved. I only wish he could have honoured his father's wishes... he is being very mean."

Ms Harb said she was banished from Saudi Arabia by the king's immediate family in 1970 after they "wrongly" blamed her for his addiction to methadone.

Text from The Evening Standard

Saturday, 7 February 2015

WorldWidePR Client Highlights

Here's a little info on some of our clients:

Exclusively-Nikon Grays of Westminster Becomes the First Camera Shop in the World to be Granted a Coat of Arms

Grays of Westminster, located in central London, a short distance from the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace and Knightsbridge, was founded almost thirty years ago by Gray Levett with the idea of creating a world-class camera store, which would offer a service that was second to none. Grays of Westminster is to many photographers not just a camera-shop but an institution, one that has attracted customers from all over the world and from all walks of life. It evolved from a modest mail order company in the mid-1980s to its present, highly-respected position in the photographic industry with over 47,000 customers world-wide, that have included the legendary film-director, Stanley Kubrick, David Suchet, best-known in his role as Hercule Poirot, Agatha Christie’s famous sleuth, Lord Snowdon, world-famous National Geographic photographer Jim Brandenburg, Rod Stewart, and the late 1960s’ icon Terence Donovan.

Nikon Owner Magazine

The Nikon Owner magazine is a worldwide publication with the purpose of uniting Nikon owners and bringing them unique free offers that will increase their skill and interest in photography and Nikon equipment. Nikon Owner is dedicated to bringing the reader all the latest news and authoritative product reviews on Nikon equipment by renowned photographer and writer Simon Stafford. Also featured are reader portfolios and inspirational pictures from the world's leading Nikon professionals.

Michael Huggan

Michael Huggan has been photographing Action, Sports, Nature and Wildlife for over 20 years. His photography started some 20 years earlier, honing his skills with black and white processing.
Michael’s articles & images have appeared in a number of  magazines and he is a member of The Royal Photographic Society (RPS).  Awards from various societies have been in the form of Gold and Bronze medals, plus numerous ribbons and commendations.

True Argan Oil

True Argan Oil is pure 100% Organic Cold Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil is extracted from the nut of the Argan Tree (also known as ‘The Tree of Life’) which grows in south west Morocco.
Nizam Restaurant


Converts Android smartphones into a tablet device. Specifications of ExoTablet, 7″ or 10″ standard version:
  • 7″ or 10” IPS
  • 1280 x 800
  • Gorilla glass
  • 8,000 mAh battery (which also charges the phone).

KableKache – the quick and elegant way to tidy or store wires & cables. Eliminate the tangle of wires behind your computer, stereo, TV or home cinema with KableKache.



Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Janan Harb & King Fahd: revealing comment left by Hunter News on youkal.net

Prince Abdul Aziz Bin Fahd
The comment reads:

نعم السيدة جنان هي سيدة مسيحية من أصول فلسطينية وهي زوجة الملك فهد بن عبد العزيز ولكنه لم يعلن زواجه منها لأن الأعلان عن هذا الزواج وقتها كان سيحرمه من تولي عرش المملكة العربية السعودية, فقام في الستينات ببناء منزل خاص بها في شارع خالد بن الوليد في مدينة جدة, وبقيت السيدة جنان في هذا المنزل الى قبل ان يصبح وليآ للعهد في عهد الملك خالد رحمه ألله بعد وفاة المغفور له الملك فيصل رحمه ألله ولكي لا يلاقي الملك فهد معارضة من أخوته لتولي العرش بحجة أنه متزوج من أجنبية مسيحية وهو ما يتعارض مع قوانين المملكة العربية السعودية فتم الأتفاق بين الملك فهد والسيدة جنان على أن ترحل من المملكة العربية السعودية الى لندن لتستقر بها وربما رحل معها شقيقها الذي كان يقيم أيضآ في المملكة بين مدينتي الرياض وجدة, ( كلامي هذا هو شهادة للتاريخ ). ومنزلها في مدينة جدة قدمه الأمير عبد العزيز لأخ والدته غير الشقيق من آل الأبراهيم يعيش فيه لغاية يومنا هذا.

Yes indeed, Janan is a Palestinian Christian. She was the wife of King Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz. He did not declare the marriage because, at that time, it would have deprived him of becoming the future King Of Saudi Arabia.

In the sixties, the Prince built her a residence located at Khalid Bin Waleed Street in Jeddah. She lived there up until the Prince was ready to become Crown Prince to King Faisal Bin Abdul Aziz.

 Due to tremendous opposition from Fahd's brothers over the fact that he was married to a foreign Christian which is forbidden by Saudi Laws, she was asked to leave the Kingdom, to be exiled in London. Her brother who was living with her, accompanied her. (This is a historical witness statement).

Recently, her former residence was given by Abdul Aziz to the brother of his mother "Al Ibrahim" who is currently living in it.

Monday, 23 July 2012

University of Surrey's International Alumni Day

I decided to visit my old university on its grand open day for the alumni, on Sat 14th July 2012. I studied Hotel & Catering Management 1981-85 (now called Hospitality and Tourism Management). I was accompanied by my old chum Gary Byrne who, 1981-85, studied Language and International Studies (that department is also bound to have changed its name too by now).

The new (to me anyway) Management building

Prof. Graham Miller,  Head of School of Hospitality and Tourism Management  

A lecture theatre

The University Library

Gary Byrne
Gary attended a concert (Symphonova - a world first) while I went to a reception put on by my department. I was hoping to see lots of old friends but it turned out that I was the only one there from my year! Anyway, it was good to go back. The place has grown almost beyond recognition. It appears that any green spaces that I remember have now been built on!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Greenfields Theatre Company Presents: The Three Musketeers

Once again, the Greenfields Theatre Company proved itself highly professional having just put on a wonderful and very successful production of The Three Musketeers by Ken Ludwig, as part of Greenfields School's end of year celebrations.

In was a daunting task in the shadow of GTC's rip-roaring success last year, The 39 Steps, but the cast and crew really pulled it off - it was hilarious! The audiences on all three nights this year were delighted with the performances.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

New service to revolutionise card payments in the UK

£35.5 billion of SME bad debt just one of many areas seen to benefit from service

London - A new payment system is launching in the UK that will enable companies of all sizes to accept credit and debit card payments through their mobile phone.

is a service that includes a mobile phone app and a reader which connects to a smartphone or mobile device either by plugging into its headphone socket or via Bluetooth. It enables customers to make payments on the go using their card in a way never before seen in Britain.

The mobile app is free to download on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices and functions as the control centre that accepts the payment. It monitors payments made by card as well as cash and cheque, as well as processing each transaction securely. The reader, when connected to a mobile phone, is used to swipe the magnetic strip of the card, or for the chip and pin device, the card is inserted and the customer is prompted to enter their PIN code. mPowa will enable businesses, including sole traders, to take payments immediately without waiting for invoices to be issued and paid.

The device is launched as many businesses are struggling to survive because of bad debt. In the UK, £35.5 billion of debt is owed to SMEs alone. In the second half of last year, small and medium firms reported waiting an average of 29.6 days longer than agreed payment terms, which is a figure that represents an increase over the first half of 2011.

Because many firms are currently unable to accept card payments due to the cost of devices, mPowa will function as a way of shortening the payment process from what can be months, to a matter of minutes.

Dan Wagner, Chairman and CEO of Powa Technologies, the company behind mPowa, said, “We created mPowa as a response to an age-old problem that needed a solution – a universal payment system that will enable anyone to accept money from customers without excessive costs or waiting times. Whether you’re a large enterprise looking to mobilise your sales team, a market trader, or a local plumber who wants to accept payment on the spot, even from customers who don’t have cash to hand, this is a unique offering that will have a huge impact right across the country.”

Both the mobile app and reader are free and the only cost associated with using mPowa is the small 25p or 0.25% fee charged for each credit or debit card payment processed, making it accessible to all businesses. And because it accommodates existing banking relationships, there’s no need for a business to change its banking details to use the service.

A web-based Merchant Dashboard account management system enables users to fully monitor payments in addition to the mobile app. Meanwhile, receipts can be sent by email or SMS.
Dan continued, “I am always speaking to businesses that squander valuable time chasing late payments because they were unable to take the money upfront in the first place. This problem is crippling companies who are already struggling in this difficult economic climate and many are having to close their doors because of this. mPowa will be an invaluable service for accepting payments whether the point of sale is the doorstep or the shop floor.”

About mPowa
mPowa is a point of sale device that enables credit and debit card payment s to be made on the go. It consists of a mobile phone app for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows or Blackberry devices, and a card reader. This can be either a magnetic stripe reader (MSR) which can be plugged into the phone’s headphone socket or a Chip & PIN device which communicates with the phone through Bluetooth. It is the first service of its kind in the UK.