Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Scandal in Paris over Prince Abdul-Aziz bin Fahd

Here is the translation of the video from Arabic to English:

"All the people are looking at Prince' s cars and his drivers. Prince Abdul-Aziz bin Fahd. 

All of them, the drivers and cars are on strike. "We want our salaries"[poster on car]. The Prince is inside in the hotel. Our work with prince Abdul-Aziz Bin Fahd, Bisar Al Reeh company, the Prince's secretary Abdul-Aziz Al Hamoud said "go to the French courts"! What a shame!!!! 

Prince Abdul-Aziz bin Fahd.[French speak]. They want scandals; they don't want to pay the workers. What a shame!! Driver's rights and salaries. What a shame!! The son of king Fahd, RIP, wants to take everybody's money... They will stop people arbitrarily. We have met  Prince Abdul-Aziz three times and he said: "Go the French courts". 

We are French and have nothing to do with Saudi Arabia, we shall resort to the courts."